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Plans are to carry them out. Dreams are to make them come true. The world is to conquer it.

Everyday life is full of unique opportunities and possibilities, and you can be the person who will take them all. When you live each day, each month and year this way, life can really be sweet. Like Sugar™. If these words speak to you, for sure it is you the brand and its products were made for. Come close, get the taste of #sugarlife.

Our sweetsellers

We have the best customers in the world! See what they choose most often:

Unique, fashionable women’s clothing and underwear – Sugar Store.

If you value original style and the highest quality in your outfits, you’ve come to the right place. The unique clothing offered by the online boutique will enchant all lovers of one-of-a-kind outfits. Polish designer clothes will allow you to stand out from the crowd. See for yourself!

Opt for exceptional clothing.

Whether you’re looking for elegant dresses for various occasions, sophisticated everyday outfits, original outerwear, or sensual lingerie – the online boutique will surely meet your expectations.

In the extensive offer, you will find unique clothing from Polish designers tailored to individual needs. The women’s clothing we offer looks great on every body type. Equally important, high-quality and durable fabrics were used to make it. The production process taking place in our country is carried out with the utmost care for all details. It is also worth mentioning the unrestricted movement cuts that will provide you with proper comfort.

Discover the description of maxi and mini dresses, blazers, blouses, coats and place an order now. Upgrade your wardrobe with unique creations that you can wear both on a daily basis and for special occasions.

Life tastes better with Sugar™

It wears like sewn for you, and that’s because it is! Choose what you dream of now.





"We don’t just dress women, we make them beautuful”

Why the Sugar™ brand?
Here are the first three for many good reasons:


We respect other people’s work and time in everything we do. Sugar™ clothing is made 100% in Poland and in accordance with the highest requirements of ethics and principles of good cooperation.


The sense of freedom of action cannot be faked. Sugar™ is free women who create for other free women. We are and will always be together – but each in her own style.


We draw boldly and joyfully on the great potential that is women’s strength and wisdom. May our energy and thoughtful decisions lead us well in life and in business.

Our customers say

I have a weakness for lingerie, and I just love yours. It is so sensual and feminine, and very comfortable. And those details! Each time the package comes and I pull out this lovely box of yours, it feels like my birthday again <3


I bought your black longsleeve. I have many of them in my closet, but this one really surprised me-the material is brilliant! Feels so nice and fits well. I wear it to sweatpants and under a jacket to work.

Marta W.

I love checking out new brands. I will return to Sugar again for rich offer. The Cortina dress is a real jackpot. And I would walk in your tracksuit all day.. - great cotton!